Jolek Re-manufactured Toner Cartridges that have staying power, comparable to fine vine.

We did not realize it was possible when we started this company back in 2002, that toner cartridges could still function after sitting on a shelf for a certain number of years. We know the knock-offs had a very short shelf life 10 years ago, when they first came to market. Doctor blades would badly re-act with the toner in the knock-off clone cartridges and then dry up and curl away from the mag rollers. Quality toner and blades did not react this way when re-manufactured using OEM empties.

We have been recently surprised by a few over production units that where put aside since they never sold out, a few models where assembled and time capsuled.

HP Q2624X replacement cartridge

Jolek Q2624X for HP Printer

In 2010 after 6 years on the shelf – tested fine – sold and completed cycle.

HP Q2613X replacement cartridge

Jolek Q2613X for HP Printer

In 2011 after 8 years on the shelf- tested fine  – sold and completed cycle.


HP C4127X replacement cartridge

Jolek C4127X for HP Printer

In October of 2016 after 13 years on the shelf, being out of finished product and supplies of this once dominant model, we remembered having an old reserve stash. We opened up this vintage product and it tested fine, when we gifted a customer  in a jam.  Since we assembled a pair of these HP 4127X back in 2003 for that purpose of having them time capsuled , it was a honor to see it test near perfect. The other unit is still sealed and on the shelf. We will give that unit a few more years, maybe in 2018 it will surprise us and print properly as well.


This is one way of showing those that keep questioning the value of re-manufactured cartridges. Using quality components from reputable suppliers and properly doing the assembly, there is no difference to the naked eye. The only difference is a nice discount over the OEM product.


Happy Holiday Season !